warrants to the original purchaser that your item will be free from defect upon receiving your goods.  Our shipping process includes a thorough inspection of all products before the goods leave our warehouse and include extra care in packaging to avoid any unforeseen damages.  Warranty periods after receiving your goods vary from supplier to supplier, so please call our office with any questions.


For warranty on goods received damaged during shipping, please refer to our Customer Care page and review our Shipping & Handling section.


Warranty Terms & Exclusions:

- There is a 1 year warranty against any manufacturers defects to items that include any electrical or mechanical components, ie: pipeless airjet, LED lighting, drain, or heating elements. Items that do not include any type of electrical or mechanical components, SpaBowls offers a 30 day warranty. This would include any clear coat peeling, excessive dents and / or scratches. However, please note that our copper products are of a natural material and are handmade, because of this, no two items will be identical. Some products have intentional scrapes and markings in the finish which we incorporate to achieve a certain aesthetic and appearance; these items are by no means covered under any warranty expressed or assumed.

- We will not warrant any product(s) that have been misused or mistreated, stained, faded or discolored caused by improper or poor water additives. More specifically, against the use of cleaning or disinfecting your products with abrasive materials, harmful cleaning agents or chemicals. (acetone, bleach, salts)

- Our Copper products will almost always tarnish and change to different colors over time, this is a natural element of the copper material.  Certain metal creams and polishes can be used to rejuvenate the look of your copper product, but this is solely to be used at your discretion.

- Our Glass and Acrylic items have a clear coat finish; by using harsh chemicals (acetone, bleach, salts) this will eventually penetrate through the clear coat and the product will lose some of it's luster. 

- On any item where warranty is issued, we will cover the replacement shipping cost back to our customer for any claim within a 30 day period. In cases where items need to be shipped back for inspection before warranty can be determined, customers will be responsible to prepay on all shipping and handling costs.