Brillo Copper Manicure Bowl
Brillo Copper Manicure Bowl Brillo copper manicure bowl side view Brillo copper manicure bowl top view Free Shipping - Copper Manicure Bowls

The Brillo Copper Manicure Bowl perfectly complements our Brillo Copper collection pedicure bowls. . Made of natural copper, these bowls are handmade, incredibly durable, and showcase unique hammer markings us, your clients will love'em!

Color Palette: Natural bright copper, slight rust orange

Finish: Hammered high polished

Approx. Weight: 1 lbs (not filled with water)

Overall Dimensions: 7.75"L (Diameter) x 1.5"H

Soaking Dimensions:  7.25"L (Diameter) x 1.5"H

Please note that our copper products are handmade and of natural materials, because of this, no two items will be identical. These products have intentional scrapes, markings, and blemishes in the finish which we incorporate to achieve a certain aesthetic and appearance.