Black Pedicure Cart - Brillo Copper Bowl
Black Pedicure Cart - Brillo Copper Bowl Hammered Black Pedicure Cart - Copper Copper Bowl Color Selection Copper Bowl Color Selection Hammered Black Pedicure Cart - Copper Copper Bowl Padded Footrest Free Shipping - All Sink Packages
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Our new range of Black Hammered Pedicure Carts are an elegant way to lift your service to the next level. Designed to fit harmoniously with any of our Copper or Stainless pedicure bowls, this cart eliminates the need to carry pedicure bowls filled with water. Simply fill the bowl, place it on the cart and use the leash to easily wheel the bowl to your pedicure station. This cart includes smooth gliding rolling casters that lock in place.

Need a footrest? Add our 3" plush padded upholstered us, you're clients will love it, and your neck & back will too! This footrest can easily be removed from the pedicure bowl and placed across your lap to do a pedicure service without having to hunch over for the duration of the service.

Pedicure Bowl:

  • Fits up to a men's size 13 foot
  • Portable design with install capabilities 
  • Copper construction (bowl)
  • Maintenance free & easy to clean
  • Prominent outer lip for easy handling

Bowl Specs:

Approx. Dimensions: 20"w (outside) / 18.5"w (inside) x 14"w (base) x 8-7/8" depth
Approx. Weight: 7 lbs (not filled with water)

Cart Specs:

Approx. Dimensions: 20.5"W x 7.5"H (base only) / 15"H (base w/ bowl)