Kata Gi Pedi Sink - White Acrylic
Kata Gi Pedi Sink - White Acrylic Kata Gi Sink - Top View Kata-Gi Acrylic Color Options Jet System With LED Lighting Free Shipping - All Sink Packages
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The Kata-GI Pedicure sink comes with several features including a forward tilting footrest, pullout sprayer, and a pipefree whirlpool jet. The continuous LED lighting creates a calming ambiance while providing a pedicure service. Features a gel-coating that protects against rust and corrosion to assist in extending the life of your spa.

Please note for installation purposes, this item requires a minimum 7" sub-platform to be built for the sink to sit on to allow for drain and p-trap clearance.

Which drain option will best suit your needs: When ordering as a NO DRAIN PUMP, the sink with come with a standard cable driven pop-up drain. When ordering as WITH DRAIN PUMP, the sink will come with the standard cable driven drain, but in addition will include an assisted drain pump which is required when the water in your foot basin needs to be pumped vertically up a wall or down a hall. Please note our standard drain pump can pump vertically up to 3 feet only. If you need to pump vertically more than 3 feet, please order our Saniflo Universal Pump, go to:



Sink Includes:

Drop-In Sink, Airjet w/ LED light, Footrest, Pullout Sprayer, Standard Drain

Kata-GI Details:

  • Application: Must be installed stationary, this sink is not meant for portable use.
  • Finish: Smooth polished high gloss acrylic construction
  • Approximate Dimensions: 25"L x 22.75"W x 9-3/4"H / 12.75"H to footrest
  • Water Capacity: 4.5 US Gallons
  • Comfort: Fits up to a men's size 13 foot
  • Pipeless ANS Liner Jet W/ LED Light (Air Whirlpool System)
  • Jet Control Button On/Off
  • Polished Chrome Hardware
  • Protective gel-coating
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • Stainless Steel Multi-function Shower Hose
  • Easy Control Faucet Valve
  • Optional Drain Pump
  • Pedicure Liner Compatible - Hard Liner F
  • Electrical:  120V,60Hz, 0.65 Amp
  • GFI Protected Circuit Required


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