Lenox GS Glass Pedicure Sink
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The Lenox GS glass pedicure sink features a 3/4” thick glass to provide strength and durability. Available in 3 eye-catching iridescent finishes to complement your salon. This unit is sold only as shown with it's beautifully decorative metal pedestal, padded footrest, faucet fixture and mixing valve. 

The Lenox GS is fully equipped which includes glass pedicure bowl, padded footrest, decorative metal frame cradle, faucet valve with sprayer, and pipeless airjet system.

Lenox Details:

  • Application: Must be installed stationary, this sink is not meant for portable use.
  • Finish: Smooth polished (glass has an iridescent finish)
  • Water Capacity: 4.5 US Gallons
  • Dimensions: 23" Diameter x 14.25"H floor to rim // 15'H to footpad
  • Glass Construction: 3/4" thick
  • Pipe Free Whirlpool Jet
  • Custom Metal Support Frame
  • Dual Function Hand Held Sprayer
  • Polished Chrome Hardware
  • Control Panel
  • Drain Pump (Optional)