Serenity Padded Pedicure Footrest
Serenity Padded Pedicure Footrest White Rectangular Footrest - Serenity Serenity Pedicure Sink With Footrest Serenity Pedicure Sink With Black Footpad Removable Adjustable Mounting Size Free Shipping Footrests - No Minimum
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Removable Serenity padded pedicure footrest has an incredibly plush cushioning pad for maximum comfort. This model is specifically designed to fit our Serenity or any square/ rectangular pedicure sinks.  The underside of the footpad can be adjusted to the correct rim size needed for the sink to create snug fit so it won't slide or wobble during service. Colors available are white and black.


Approximate Measure: 18"L x 6.5"D x 4"H

Adjustable Mounting Size: 0.25" to 3"



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