Taizen Portable Pedicure Spa
Taizen Portable Pedicure Spa Taizen Spa Control Panel Taizen Spa Plumbing Access Portable Spa Adjustable Footrest Installed Drain Pump Portable Spa Drain Hose Portable Spa Fill Hose Free Shipping

The Taizen Portable Pedi Spa is fully equipped with a pipeless airjet system, footrest, and discharge drain pump. Simply wheel your spa to your nearest drain location and turn the pump on to drain out the water. 

Alternatively, this particular unit can also be purchased as a stationary unit which would include all of the above mentioned features, but in addition would include a pullout faucet sprayer and control valve with the appropriate water lines for hookup.

For either a plumbed or portable unit, a standard 110V electrical outlet is required to operate the pipeless airjet system. Also, if selecting a portable unit, we will still supply the plumbing components so you have these items available should your application change...however, we will have the hoses and water valve tied-off accordingly.



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