Torrent Air Jet System - Pipefree Whirlpool
Torrent Air Jet System - Pipefree Whirlpool Torrent Jet Cover Kit - Wet End Jet Cover with Magnetic Impeller Torrent Jet Cover Retainer Backing Posh Air Sink With Torrent Air jet System Torrent Air Jet System - Chrome Face Plate

Pipefree Whirlpool Excellence. The Torrent Air Jet System provides an invigorating, soothing massage experience like no other. Quiet yet powerful this Air Jet system is a must have in any pedicure sink or chair. Installation is a breeze with the motors adjustable mounting levers and removable magnetic cover set.  This magnetic system is liner compatible for a safe and sanitary pedicure service. 

Air Jet Features

  • Pipefree Pedicure Airjet System
  • Safe & Sanitary
  • Magnetic Drive Impeller
  • Chrome Finish Jet Cover
  • Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Programmed Safety Shutoff with No/Low Water Levels
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Quiet Operation ( < 40 dB )
  • cUL Approved

Air Jet Specs

  • Fits 3.5" Diameter Openings
  • Overall Length: 5.6" (with motor cover)
  • Overall Length: 4.25 (without motor cover)
  • Overall Width: 4"
  • Weight: 2lbs.
  • AC120V 0.5Amp 60Hz 50W

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