Zero Gravity Massage Chair - Black
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The Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a reclining, heated massage chair that takes weight off the spine to help relieve strained back muscles.

Sit back, relax and discover why comfort, style and health have never been so easy.

This power seat massage chair reclines from 105-150 degrees and feature two levels of vibration massage, four vibration motors, and two levels of heat.

The Zero Gravity Chair has infinite reclining positions, from upright to zero gravity.

When your body is fully inverted, blood leaves your legs and returns to your core, slowing the heart and relieving any stress.

This massage chair also helps straighten the back, allowing vertebrates to rehydrate and relax.

Features a beautiful, contemporary design with high quality wood materials.

Easy operation, perfect for pedicures or home use.

Max weight capacity: 300 lbs